Early Reports Indicate…

that yes indeed, the Fletcher reign of terror is over. The Courier-Journal is reporting that Beshear has a 65-35% lead over Fletcher, with 11% of precincts reporting. While this is too early to actually call the race, most likely it does herald the end of the Fletcher administration. More updates will be forthcoming after dinner…

UPDATE 7:00 PM – C-J‘s front page and “political blog” are reporting that Fletcher lost Owsley and Nichols Counties – two counties he won last time.

UPDATE 7:40 PM – Beshear 64%, Fletcher 36% with 25% reporting. Additionally, Louisville’s Library Tax effort failed:

The Libraries! Yes campaign has conceded defeat in the library tax referendum.

The campaign, with Louisville Library Director Craig Buthod and Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson at the microphone, said the 2-to-1 margin enjoyed by the anti-tax campaign all night was too much to overcome.

With 407 of Jefferson County’s 511 precincts reporting: 112,800 people have voted against the tax while 54,258 people have voted in favor of it.

Abramson said, “This community has clearly spoken…This is not the way they wish to go forward.”

-Dan Klepal, The Courier-Journal

UPDATE 7:55 PM – Classic Election Night headline: Galbraith Looking for Work.

Galbraith, once known as a proponent of marijuana, said he would welcome a chance to serve in the new administration.

“I’d love to be secretary of justice,” he said.

Deborah Yetter, The Courier-Journal

Governor-elect Beshear

UPDATE 8:27 PM – The C-J has called the election for Beshear:

With nearly 54 percent of the vote in, The Courier-Journal has called the Kentucky Gubernatorial election for Democrat Steve Beshear. Beshear leads 61-39 percent — a margin of about 116,000 votes.

Gov. Ernie Fletcher could never recover from sagging poll numbers following the merit hiring scandal that saw him and others in or close to his administration indicted for violating state law. Fletcher pardoned everyone but himself for alleged wrong doing.

Joseph Gerth, The Courier-Journal

So that’s that. I will keep updating the blog with more election results through the hour, though they seem pretty set: Beshear beats Fletcher. Democrats did well aside from Beshear, beating Republicans in every statewide race except for Secretary of State where Trey Greyson is leading Bruce Hendrickson, and Agricultural Commissioner where former UK Wildcat basketball legend Richie Farmer is leading political-unknown David Williams (not the State Senate leader). Though I’m watching KET1’s coverage, at 9:00 PM I plan to change it to KET2 for Frontline‘s program, Extraordinary Rendition. And then later tonight, Kim Sorise and Louie are djing heavy rock and psych tunes at Monkeywrench, so I’ll be there. Don’t expect any fantastic post-election analysis from me until tomorrow!


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