Friday’s Stories: Cards Lose, Beshear Picks, More…

Patrick White

Likely for many, today’s main story in the Courier-Journal concerns the Cardinals’ 38-31 loss to West Virginia in Morgantown last night. Honestly, I was surprised at how the score wasn’t more lopsided, considering how ineffective the Cardinals were on both offense and defense in the first half. Both sides improved during the second half, when QB Brian Brohm led the Cardinals back from a 17-point deficit, but in the end the Mountaineers prevailed on QB Patrick White’s long run up the middle with 1:36 left. Oh well.

In political news, Governor-elect Steve Beshear appointed the first members of his new administration yesterday, which includes Louisville Deputy Mayor Larry Hayes as the secretary of his Executive Cabinet. Beshear has also been working with Lieutenant Governor Steve Pence, pariah of the Fletcher administration, on transition efforts. And in perhaps portentious news, Senator Mitch McConnell has begun airing ads for his 2008 re-election campaign.

It has also been announced, on the C-J‘s web site, that President Bush will be visiting the Grand in New Albany next Tuesday. He’s scheduled to speak on the budget, though I imagine what will be most memorable will be the number of protesters there. I know of nothing in the works so far, but I can’t imagine there won’t be a sizable presence considering how terrible Bush’s approval rating is.


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