Welcome Back: What a Week…

LAVAHouse Fire

It’s been ridiculously long since I’ve written here, and I apologize to all two readers for the long break. No particular reason for it other than laziness, but hopefully I can get back in the swing of things, writing entries every day or so. We’ll see how that works out.

Otherwise, it’s been a doozy of a week in Louisville, and not a particularly good one. Saturday night, the LAVA House in Shelby Park burned down, taking the life of Bill Christie, a resident of the arts complex. I’d never been to the LAVA House, either to view art or to see a concert (apparently they had shows there before I moved back to Louisville), but this is obviously a huge blow to the arts community in Louisville, both materially as many artists lost works in progress, workspace, etc. and metaphorically.

Then Tuesday night Louisville got hit with three tornadoes and super-strong straight-line winds. Thankfully, while many were left without power (including my parents who live in the Highlands), nobody was hurt. However, many neighborhoods suffered extensive damage — my parents’ block had multiple trees down, some minimal damage to neighbors’ houses. Driving through on Wednesday, the blank spaces left by the damaged trees — either brought up by the roots or with broken tops — was impressively devastating. Apparently St. Matthews and Shively were also extensively hit.

Those were the major stories, but what else went on? Well, quite a bit. A short recap: Kaitlyn Lassiter’s deposition in her lawsuit against Six Flags was released; Anne Northup announced she’ll run for the Congressional seat she lost to John Yarmuth; Mayor-for-Life Jerry Abramson comes out in favor of bridge tolls; the Kentucky House passed an ethics bill while the Senate passed a disgusting ban against same-sex partner benefits at Kentucky’s eight public universities; Governor Beshear unveiled his more-than-“austere” state budget while a late-breaking bill was introduced Thursday to raise the cigarette tax by 70 cents. Whew. In sports, the Cardinals lost to UConn on Tuesday, Churchill Downs announced that Barbaro’s ashes and a memorial will be built at Gate 1, and J-Load made it to the Super Bowl.


4 Responses to “Welcome Back: What a Week…”

  1. There are some benefit efforts going on to help out the survivors of the LAVA House fire.

    Thanks for commenting on just how crappy the Senate’s move on same-sex partner benefits is. What I wish people could understand is that there are like 8 of us, literally, who take advantage of these benefits and oh yes, we pay more for them. It’s not like tax payers are footing the bill for my health insurance. So I wish the debate could be framed more like “we hate gay people so much we don’t even want to let 8 people pay more for health insurance on the university’s group plan. By just leaving the benefits situation alone no one would be costing the tax payers anything but since we hate gay people so much we want the state to pay for debates and legal challenges and that other stuff so these 8 people won’t be allowed to pay for health insurance through university plans.”

  2. […] A state of emergency was declared in parts of Kentucky as seven people died due to a heavy stormfront passing through the region (forty-eight people have died across the region). Hardest hit areas were Muhlenberg, Monroe, Allen, Christian, Jefferson and LaRue counties — most in the Western part of the state. Louisville also sustained some damage, coming only a week after last week’s big storm. […]

  3. […] it’s too late to even bother, but tonight at the Pour Haus there’s a benefit for the LAVA House. Speaking of which, this week’s LEO ran an excellent remembrance/timeline/photo essay which […]

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