(More) Stormy Weather

storm damage

A state of emergency was declared in parts of Kentucky as seven people died due to a heavy stormfront passing through the region (forty-eight people have died across the region). Hardest hit areas were Muhlenberg, Monroe, Allen, Christian, Jefferson and LaRue counties — most in the Western part of the state. Louisville also sustained some damage, coming only a week after last week’s big storm.

In other news reminiscent of this season of The Wire, Louisville Metro is tightening government services due to “an estimated $9.4 million deficit because of lower-than-expected revenue from taxes on business profits during the first half of the fiscal year.” Among the austerity measures, overtime for Louisville Metro police officers has been restricted. Thankfully Louisville doesn’t have a comparable crime rate to Baltimore, fictional or otherwise. Mayor Abramson blames Louisville’s budget woes on the concurrent national economic slowdown:

“The difficulties on Wall Street, in Washington and in Frankfort have trickled down to Main Street in Louisville,” he said, adding that the only way to balance the budget long-term is by reducing the size of government, or “shrinking the base.”

“I’m very confident we’ll weather this storm,” he said.



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