Kentucky Rock in the New York Times

The Rock In Question

No, there was no big feature on My Morning Jacket or Wax Fang in the Grey Lady this morning; instead, Dan Barry’s “This Land” column — which runs every Monday in the National Report — detailed the dispute between the State of Ohio and the great Commonwealth of Kentucky over the Indian Head Rock. Long story short (if you don’t want to read that terrible bastion of liberalism): this Ohio historian guy brought up a strange, petroglyph-laden boulder of sandstone that had long sat under the waters of the Ohio River, thanks to modern dams along the river. The closest community to the landmark, — Portsmouth, Ohio — has a long claim on the rock, having many of its citizens leave their mark over the years. Yet the rock actually sat in the Kentucky portion of the river (note: Kentucky actually has the longest border on the Ohio River — so why is it named after Ohio again?). My favorite part of the article described Kentucky’s efforts to condemn Ohio’s usurpation (is that a word?) of the rock:

Reginald Meeks, the Kentucky state representative who sponsored the resolution of condemnation, said Friday that law-enforcement officials were investigating what he described as the theft of a state antiquity. He said the rock should be returned to Kentucky, where state officials could examine it and decide its future.

“I tell you, they just played cowboy,” Mr. Meeks said, voice rising. “And came to Kentucky and stole this item.”

Your tax dollars at work!

In other news, the snow currently falling on the Louisville Metro area should give me plenty of opportunities to update the past weekend’s stories tomorrow. For now, though, I’m working through a fifth of Woodford Reserve and watching the Westminster Dog Show, so apologies for a short update today.

5 Responses to “Kentucky Rock in the New York Times”

  1. Ah, you beat me. I was going to post about the Rock tomorrow.

  2. stateofthecommonwealth Says:

    that’s funny, as I was at work all day, hoping there wasn’t anything newsworthy since I couldn’t post until this evening. Granted, I haven’t even had a chance to post about Rick Pitino’s white suit…

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