Weekend Sports Report

Rick Pitino

Louisville ain’t Miami, but what the heck. Louisville knocked off the #6-ranked Georgetown Hoyas on Saturday night, in an exciting game which also featured the return of terrible-yet-renowned color commentator Dick Vitale. Honestly, the first half and the first few minutes of the second half had me thinking, “Oh great, another Big East loss for my Cards,” but oh ye of little faith! One quick suit change, and our boys were back in it to win it.

Jay Bilas bias aside (seriously, fuck that guy), the Cards still can’t seem to get any love from the national polls. Even after nice guy Eric Crawford’s appreciative Padgett piece (Patterson content included for UK fans). Switching gears to football, the Cards will renew their rivalry with Memphis this fall, which sounds like a good thing as the Tigers are the kind of offense-heavy team that Kragthorpe needs to prep his D against. Also, despite the snow, don’t forget that the Cardinals baseball season home opener is a week from Friday!


In horse racing news, Pyro surged to an impressive victory in the Risen Star Stakes at the Fairgrounds, the final prep for the Louisiana Derby next month. While there’s still just under three months ’til the first Saturday in May, it’s never too early to start checking the futures!


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  1. Look, I’m just going to say, Rick can work a suit, just about any suit. Even a white linen suit in February. That is all.

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