This Week’s Politics Roundup: Horne Quits

Andrew Horne

Page One Kentucky has a decent overview of both the mainstream media’s and bloggers’ reactions of the news earlier this week that Andrew Horne is dropping out of the Democratic primary race for US Senate. While Horne seemed a strong candidate in an already-crowded and arguably weak field, Stephen George at LEO’s General Sense of Outrage blog posted his take on why Horne “doesn’t matter.” And the Kentucky Democrat ran an exclusive interview with Bruce Lundsford, who must now be considered the front-runner in the field. Personally, I’m not convinced that a multi-millionaire who endorsed Ernie Fletcher in 2003 is the best choice for Democrats, especially against the formidable opponent that is Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Today’s I Love Mountains rally in Frankfort (mentioned here on Tuesday) seems a success, as the Courier-Journal reports that “several hundred people” rallied at the Capitol in support of the Stream Saver bill sponsored by Rep. Don Pasley, D-Winchester, which “would prohibit waste rock blasted from the sides and tops of mountains to be placed in the upper reaches of hollows, where natural streams are permanently buried.”


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