Is Jeffrey Lee Puckett Asleep At the Wheel?

Jeffrey Lee Puckett

Given my earlier mini-rant in an earlier post about the rather sorry state of Louisville music criticism, the following isn’t really that surprising (and, truth be told, isn’t really a big deal), but what was Courier-Journal music critic Jeffrey Lee Puckett smoking when he wrote this in Friday’s “Sound Effects” column:

Tim Finn was a force in pop music throughout the 1980s and early ’90s, leading Crowded House to major international success with songs such as “Don’t Dream It’s Over.”

Even though the band’s initial American buzz faded, Finn has maintained a loyal cult following with a series of solo albums and collaborations. A good hook and literate lyrics will still draw a crowd given half a chance.

He performs tomorrow at an unusual venue: the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in the Highlands, 1938 Al Fresco Place, as part of the church’s expansive entertainment program (8 p.m., $20).

Granted, I could really care less about Tim Finn and the sort of dad-rock that he represents (disclaimer: my uncle is also named Tim Finn, but he doesn’t play music and ain’t from New Zealand), but even a quick perusal of the dude’s Wikipedia page reveals that Tim Finn is the brother of Crowded House leader Neil Finn, and is not the primary songwriter of the group (both Finns were members of the earlier band Split Enz). Yes, Tim Finn did join Crowded House for their third album, Woodface, but that was their third album, released five years after their debut (which contained their biggest hit “Don’t Dream It’s Over”), and Tim Finn left the group soon after.

Like I said, this hardly matters, except in terms of accuracy. Given that the Courier-Journal is the biggest game in town, journalistically-speakin’, Puckett and his editors should probably try a little harder to get the basic facts right. I’m sure nobody at the show tonight will really care, but hey, there it is.


3 Responses to “Is Jeffrey Lee Puckett Asleep At the Wheel?”

  1. Well, whatever you do, don’t read the LEO. (Oh, I came here at the urging of Bluegrass Roots. Hi!)

  2. stateofthecommonwealth Says:

    Howdy, and thanks for commenting. Yeah, I don’t think LEO’s music criticism is all that spectacular either (read the link back to my mini-rant on the state of music criticism in Louisville disguised as a weekend show reminder). That is, unless Kris Abplanalp and Kim Sorise have column inches, but neither of them have had anything published in LEO in months. So we’re stuck with, well, mostly bullshit.

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