Whichever Way WHAS Blows: Schulz Out?

Ken Schulz

(archival photo from lkyradio.com)

The ‘Ville Voice is reporting that longtime weatherman Ken Schulz may soon be gone from WHAS-11 TV:

Our sources tell us that Schulz was given a choice during contract negotiations — take a pay cut and move to weekends, or quit. This is probably his last week on the air at WHAS-TV.

The same source told us that weekend weatherman Jeremy Kappell, now in his fifth year on the Storm Team, will not have his contract renewed, but will remain at the station if Schulz leaves.

General manager Mark Pimentel said yesterday that the station is in the process of negotiations with Schulz, but wouldn’t comment further, except to say this: “We value Ken and we’re talking.”

Schulz has been a weatherman at the previously Bingham-owned station since 1978 (when I was three years old). The change in personnel could come despite WHAS cleaning up in the local ratings, which seems sort of strange, given how Schulz is — along with WAVE-3‘s Tom Wills and John Belski — a veteran weatherman trusted by viewers. Schulz replaced another trusted weatherman at WHAS, Chuck Taylor, as the lead weatherman in the mid-1990s, as Taylor died of cancer in 1997.


One Response to “Whichever Way WHAS Blows: Schulz Out?”

  1. […] the rumors have been flying for months now, and it was finally confirmed yesterday that longtime area weatherman Ken Schulz is leaving WHAS […]

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