What’s In the Weeklies? Week of Feb. 20


Before I get started summarizing what’s in Louisville’s weekly papers, I’d like to thank Blue Grass Roots for linking to us on Tuesday. Lots of new visitors to the site were the result, and to our new readers, hello!

So what’s going on in the weeklies this week? LEO‘s lead feature is “Spunky Doesn’t Give a Damn: A Year in the Life of a Dog-Training Class” by Cary Stemle, a fun but not particularly amazing piece on, you guessed it, dogs. In actual news, Stephen George covers last week’s I Love Mountains rally in Frankfort (as mentioned here last week), and Phillip M. Bailey chronicles the latest salvo in the West Side liquor wars:

In late January, Circuit Court Judge Martin McDonald dismissed the lawsuit filed by convenience storeowners, effectively enforcing last year’s 86-percent vote in favor of turning four Shawnee precincts dry.

However, last week, attorney Teddy Gordon, who represents two storeowners, filed a pair of appeals that have once again, through a judge’s ruling, put the kibosh on the alcohol ban.

The first continues to challenge the legality of the special election. The other raises the fundamental issue of whether crafting legislation based upon precincts is akin to gerrymandering.

Citing that no voters reside in the precincts of Churchill Downs and Louisville International Airport, which according to his argument violates the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment, Gordon’s appeal potentially jeopardizes any law or vote based on the boundaries of precincts.

Agreeing to hear Gordon’s appeal last Friday, Circuit Judge Mary Shaw also imposed a restraining order, releasing the padlocks on alcohol sales in two of the four affected Shawnee precincts.

“This has become a frustrating experience,” Metro Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton, D-5, said in a statement. “If the judge believes and follows Mr. Gordon’s arguments, then not just all the wet-dry elections that have been held in Jefferson County but any other valid elections could be overturned on that basis.”

In Velocity, the Courier‘s faux-alt weekly, their usual front-page paean to consumer culture is eschewed for a rather thoughtful feature on local writer Will Lavender, whose debut novel Obedience is released this week by Shaye Areheart Books, a division of Random House. “The Bar Hopper” column consists of the previously-on-the-web review of Impellizzeri’s (with no corrected spelling), while “Food & Drink” runs tiny bite-sized reviews of Macca’s Grill, Oak Street Pizza, Sitar, Wolfgang Puck’s new place in the Convention Center on Fourth Street, and Turkey Joe’s. And most seriously, there’s a good piece on the “Homeless: Telling Our Own Stories” exhibit at the 930 Arts Center.

In music, both LEO and Velocity have short interviews with Shannon Wright, who plays Saturday night at the 930 Listening Room. Joseph Lord‘s article seems particularly perplexing (not exactly a surprise), given that it mentions that Louisvillians Kyle Crabtree and Todd Cook play in Wright’s band, but doesn’t mention Crabtree’s other, most famous band, Shipping News, or that Cook and Crabtree are also in openers Kings Daughters and Sons (with Rachel Grimes, Mike Heineman, and Joe Manning).


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  1. […] being said, I ain’t no shill for LEO, neither. My take on Cary Semle’s story wasn’t much different, even if it is somewhat relevant to the now-nullified city dog […]

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