Beware the ICE-pocalypse!


(picture swiped from Page One Kentucky)

Holy crap! It’s the ICE-pocalypse! Cancel school! Send your workers home! Cancel the legislative session! Stock up on beer!

Okay, I lived in northern climes for a long while, I admit I’m a bit insensitive to Kentuckians and their lack of winter driving abilities. But, still, I find the absolute panic that overwhelms local media when a very minor winter storm comes through pretty amusing. That said, there’s nothing really funny about ice-induced injuries, power outages, and property damage. So I’ll try to be nicer in the future. However, at least one positive emerged from the ICE-pocalypse: We now know that Mayor Abramson is a Paul Simon fan —

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson said metro officials also are concerned about ice-coated power lines “We don’t need them out there, slip sliding away.”

The C-J later struck that great line from their main ice story, the humorless jerks.


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