Monday Morning Sports Roundup, Feb. 25

Brian Brohm

Is Louisville QB Brian Brohm’s stock sliding for the NFL draft? That was the seventh headline on Yahoo!‘s front page for a time yesterday afternoon, leading to Charles Robinson’s analysis of the Cardinal quarterback’s chances in the NFL Draft, scheduled in April:

Despite putting up a remarkable career with the Cardinals over the last four years, the whispers already have started in the personnel ranks about Brohm. Considered a possible top-five pick at the beginning of his senior season, there are those in the NFL who now think he could fall as low as several selections into the second round – which has made him the poster child for the player with the most at stake over the next several months.

Indeed, over at, their mock draft has Brohm as low as 8 — going to the rebuilding Baltimore Ravens. I can think of worse teams to play for — Atlanta Falcons anyone? But yeah, so is Brohm “slip sliding away,” to recycle a line from our Paul Simonquoting Mayor? Maybe, but you won’t catch Brohm saying so:

“There’s nothing really to be worried about,” Brohm said this week, when pressed about the trend of first-round quarterbacks unexpectedly slinking their way down draft boards. “I’m just going to go out there and perform. Wherever that puts me in the draft, that puts me. So I’m not going to worry about it. I’m not going to get stressed out about it. I’m just going to go out there and show what I’ve got.”

(Just an aside — I always wonder why sports writers even bother quoting most athletes. I mean, what is Brohm going to say? “I’m scared shitless of going to the Falcons?” Yeah right.)

Cardinal Baseball

In baseball news, the Cardinals opened their season with an ICE-pocalypse!-delayed double-header against the Cleveland State Vikings on Saturday. And wouldn’t you know it, Louisville swept the Clevelanders, 13-5 and 4-2.

And in basketball news, the Cardinals squeaked out a victory against a strong Pitt Panthers team on Sunday, 75-73, in Pittsburgh. The seventh straight win in a row for the Cardinals was a hard-fought game, and a thriller to watch. A portent of things to come in the Big East tournament? We shall see.


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