What’s In the Weeklies? Week of Feb. 27


Velocity proves yet again that no matter what dire financial straits some Louisvillians may find themselves in, they can still be urged by the Courier‘s faux-alt weekly to buy crap. Yes, that’s right, this week’s issue features the nearly-offensive “What Recession” cover story in which the reader is practically hit over the head with things to buy, places to eat/drink, most of which isn’t free or even cheap (strangely, the cover story link doesn’t go to a story, so you’ll have to instead click on the “More Stories” series of links on the right side of that page). Honestly, if you must drink while being broke, the cheapest way to drink is to not go out, but drink at home. But hey, at least Velocity included where to find free wi-fi, right?

In other Velocity news, The Lumberyard, an awkwardly-named new literary journal based in Louisville stars in a profile, as does local t-shirt shop Dirty Tease (more stuff for you to buy!). Jason Isbell, formerly of Drive-by Truckers, gets covered in the main music slot.

Over at LEO, unsurprisingly there’s a far more substantive cover story exploring the claims made by both casino proponents and opponents — and their subsequent “truthiness.” The story, by Jennifer Oladipo and Cary Stemle, doesn’t come to any easy or pat conclusions. Which of course means it consists of actual journalism. Good job.

Elsewhere in the weekly, Stephen George contemplates the vigilante nature of Dateline NBC‘s awful “To Catch a Predator” segments. Exploring the relationship between NBC’s lurid sting operations and what Kentucky lawmakers are actually doing about online predators, this piece is incredibly informative — yet lets the reader draw their own conclusions. Another good job. Other news stories include more on the West Side liquor ban and the city’s dog ordnance (thrown out of court today by Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Martin McDonald).

In music, LEO critic Mat Herron has a short but interesting discussion with three African-American Louisville musicians — Butch Rice, Teenia Sanders, and Afrykah Wubsauda — about racism in Louisville. Unfortuantely, Herron’s “B-Sides” column — a profile of Cuban pianist Rafael Lopez-Prieto of the band Cosa Seria — begins with the sentence:

In near-flawless English, Rafael Lopez-Prieto explains a new crop of demos he’s cooking up in his home studio.

Why should it be notable that Lopez-Prieto speaks near-flawless English? Given the sensitivity of the “Voiceover” piece on Louisville music and racism, the clumsiness of the “B-Sides” column’s lede is disappointing.


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