Music This Weekend, Feb. 29-Mar. 2

Presidente flier

While the Drive-By Truckers show Saturday at Headliners will undoubtedly garner the most attention in local media, there’s some other shows of note going on this weekend that you should be aware of:

First, on Friday night February 29th (Leap Year Day!), Presidente, Rude Weirdo and Plows play at Cahoots, 10 pm, $5. Rude Weirdo were really impressive when I saw them back in October with Boxmaker at Lisa’s Oak Street Lounge. They’ve also got a new lineup, with John Causey of Boxmaker (also ex-Undermine and Crain — wait, was John in Concrete too? I can’t remember) and Dave Bird (ex-just about every Louisville band I can think of) in the mix now.

Boxmaker Flier

Speaking of Boxmaker, they’re playing Saturday night, March 1st at Cahoots with the Scarlet Veil and the Mack — as you can plainly see above.


But I’d be remiss in not mentioning that your humble editor will be djing a show Saturday night as well. That is, at the Glasspack and the Broken Spurs show at the Longshot Tavern this Saturday, Brett Holsclaw of the Glasspack and myself will be spinning records. And not just any records, mind you, but a lot of local punk and hardcore stuff — kinda like what I played on a WFMU Listener Hour back in 2004. And there’ll be some other music, too. Y’know, like heavy guitar rock, psychedelic nonsense, maybe even some funk. We’ll see. Did I mention it’s also free? The Longshot Tavern is located at 2232 Frankfort Avenue, in Clifton. I guarantee that the Antman 7″ (see above) will be played.

PIM flier

Last not but least, on Sunday at Derby City Espresso, Pattern Is Movement, Mountain Asleep, and Lee Van Cleef are playing a show. Starts at 7 PM, costs $5.

Oh and don’t forget: tomorrow is your last day to get Terrastock pre-sale tickets for $55!


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