Oh Snap! Velocity Calls Out LEO!

Real Winners

Something I missed in today’s earlier What’s In the Weeklies? segment was Velocity‘s rather strange and feeble attempt to takedown LEO in their “This Week’s Winners & Losers” column. Along with the terrifying scourge of Oscar Pools, CBS and Ralph Nader, LEO apparently is guilty of the following:

The corporate weekly — it’s owned by a company in Pennsylvania, folks — which runs Dave Barry’s year-in-review and syndicated content that seemed edgy a decade ago, picked the wrong week to call Velocity “faux” anything. That was one hard-hitting, alternative cover story on dog training, guys!

How could I miss such snarkiness from the otherwise-staid servant of consumerism? Well, I hadn’t been out of the house Wednesday, so I was writing based on the online edition of Velocity, and neglected to click on the link for the “This Week’s Winners & Losers” column, mostly because it’s ridiculously fucking boring. So I apologize, especially to This Week’s Winners: Joel and Ethan Coen (above, from Velocity), Kelvin Sampson (he’s a winner because he’ll never be hired for a college basketball coaching job again?), the vague “Kentucky and Louisville Hoops” and, last but not least, Jon Stewart. Because we don’t get enough shallow entertainment and basketball coverage in the Courier, of course.

That being said, I ain’t no shill for LEO, neither. My take on Cary Semle’s story wasn’t much different, even if it is somewhat relevant to the now-nullified city dog ordnance. And I’ve certainly had issues with LEO’s music coverage, for various reasons. But compare Louisville’s two weeklies — as I hope to continue doing in the What’s In the Weeklies? segment — and the difference is quite clear: LEO covers news and culture, while Velocity is usually nothing more than a trumped-up buyers’ guide in the guise of an alt-weekly.

Meanwhile, Stephen George, one of the city’s best reporters no matter what masthead he appears under, has posted a fantastic rebuttal at LEO’s General Sense of Outrage blog. Will anyone at Velocity have the guts to respond? Wait and see, dear readers…


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