What’s In the Weeklies? Week of March 5

Greg Maddux

LEO pulls out all the Louisville punk rock stops this week with a fascinating yet sorta incomplete cover story by Michael Steiger on Greg Maddux (seen above), the man behind classic Louisville bands as Mr. Big (no, not the 1980s hair band that had some radio hit), Krakh and Evil Twin Theory. It seems that Mr. Maddux has a new CD entitled Goin’ Down to Rahway, and a new collection of past works called Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man:

His latest release, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, is a collection of material from his storied past. It includes songs from the notorious “Bedroom Tapes.” The song “Social Graces” is absolutely choice. Live songs from Mr. Big and Evil Twin Theory suffer a little from inferior source material, but the songs themselves are brilliant. The stage banter and crowd noise only add to their value. Before the band launches into “Bumming at the Show,” someone onstage can be heard inquiring, “Where’s Robert Nedelkoff?” Brilliant.

Some of the demos rival Jandek in the spooky-home-recording department. The lyrics are fantastic, but the transcendental nature of the recordings can be a touch off-putting: a minor quibble, I assure you. We’re very lucky to be able to hear “Time, Water and the Way Things Are” again. The disc could have contained naught but this tune, and I’d have been tickled to death. It is, by far, the best of his early tunes. It’s the one that stuck with me through the years. I’m happy to report that it holds up very well over time.

Sounds pretty good to me. And it’s cool that Maddux, a great talent fairly unknown outside Louisville, will get some exposure. But if you want to know the whole story (or at least a bit more of it), read his Myspace page, which has a great, long biography.

Other music stories in LEO include a profile on the South By South End Fest, an all-ages daylong show taking place this Saturday at the Bulldog Cafe (way out on Manslick Road); a Black Mountain interview (they play Headliners on Friday); and… a Jackson Browne profile? Yikes. Sorry, sometimes I forget that old people read the weeklies too.


Velocity wraps a pretty decent series of articles on wine around a terrible cover headline: “Grape Expectations.” You mean to tell me that Gannett actually pays the person who came up with that? Anyway, there’s articles on wine lingo and terminology, matching wine with food, guides to local wineries, wine glasses and accessories, and more.

Music-wise, there’s a q&a with Bon Iver (playing Headliners with Black Mountain on Friday), and some reviews of local stuff (The Broken Spurs, Louisville Is For Lovers 8 and One Small Step). Food-and-drink-wise, there’s a review of Oak Street Pizza, and some bar I’ll probably never ever go to called Turkey Joe’s. Exciting.


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