Whoops! Dropped the Ball on the Bell

Human BellHuman Bell

Human Bell, that is. The Baltimore-based duo of David Huemann (Arbouretum) and Nathan Bell (Lungfish), joined by Louisvillian Peter Townsend (Speed to Roam, Bonnie Prince Billy, the Quiz?, many more great Louisville bands) on drums, played an in-store at ear X-tacy last night. Despite being psyched for their performance, and intrigued by their debut album on Thrill Jockey which was recorded in Shelbyville at Paul Oldham’s Rove Studios, we forgot to mention the free in-store in the last upcoming concerts update. D’oh! Fortunately for Louisville, Human Bell plans to play the Pour Haus in late March, after a string of dates around the country (some with the Boredoms). We’ll let you know when we know the exact date.

The Photgraphic?

UPDATE: Even though we’re not super-into them (the new record sounds pleasant enough, just not our speed), we would be remiss in not mentioning that Louisville duo the Photographic is also playing an in-store at ear X-tacy this evening at 7 pm. Peep the misspelled flier.


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