Frankfort: Vultures Circling the Capitol, Literally


Okay, okay, we will resist making any jokes about Governor Steve Beshear’s age or resemblance to Emperor Palpatine, but this news story about vultures “haunting” the Governor’s Mansion lawn from Frankfort’s State-Journal newspaper (via Page One Kentucky) has us in stitches:

Hundreds of huge, black vultures – which have chosen Frankfort as their winter home the last few years – seem to have taken a special interest in the area around the Capitol this year.

The most popular nighttime roost site recently has been in tall spruce and white pine trees on the lawn of the nearby Governor’s Mansion.

As it turns out, apparently Frankfort is some sort of vulture-magnet. Who knew? Seriously though, this is pretty interesting, wish there was a bit more about these gigantic birds and their habitat in the story, though it does feature some cool vulture facts from Brainard Palmer-Ball Jr., zoologist with the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission.


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