What’s In the Weeklies? Week of March 12

Leo March 12

LEO wins the award for “Most Prescient Series of Articles” this week, as they’ve dedicated not one but three stories — including the cover — to water quality issues. This series comes on the heels of this week’s Associate Press story — which we didn’t cover, heh — that Louisville is one of many American cities with a large number of trace amounts of pharmaceuticals in its water supply. Really, the timing on this group of stories couldn’t be better, and kudos to LEO for tackling a subject that while important probably doesn’t seem all that sexy or whatever.

Also in LEO news coverage, there’s Stephen George’s “Representin'” column on Louisville Metro City Council and the Frankfort Avenue train whistle “crisis” and Phillip M. Bailey on the anxiety among students and universities since the Beshear administration proposed budget cuts for higher education. Yikes. Coupled with the water stories, this ain’t a particularly feel-good issue (but that’s what, y’know, reporting the news means).


So if you want to feel good, there’s always good ol’ Velocity, who this week gives us a series of articles on, uh, well, dancing. We’re not even going to pretend that this is something we’re even slightly interested in, sorry.

Elsewhere in the issue, there’s an interview with novelist Richard Price, and some citizen critics do Joseph Lord’s job for him. Otherwise, meh. Life isn’t all doom and gloom, and we appreciate some good escapism every once in a while, but Velocity is really, really desperately thin on substance this week.


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