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Jack Rose, D. Charles Speer & the Helix in Lexington Tonight

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Yes, we’ve been AWOL lately. not having posted since April 21! It’s terrible, really. Not only did we not run a What’s In the Weeklies? column last Wednesday, but we also haven’t run a Music This Weekend column either, or anything else aside from, hey, Antiques Roadshow. But we promise we’ll get back in the swing of things, soon.

Since we haven’t had a chance to post, we didn’t get to tell you about the excellent show last night at Lisa’s Oak Street Lounge featuring Jack Rose, D. Charles Speer & the Helix and local favorites Sapat. Jack Rose has been one of our favorite fingerpickers for years, take a look at a video of him performing his “Kensington Blues” (from YouTube):

D. Charles Speer and the Helix are a newer band from New York featuring members of the No Neck Blues Band and Sunburned Hand of the Man, but unlike those two groups the Helix has more of a country-rock feel. Dare we say it, they remind us of an amalgamation of Gram Parsons and perhaps even the Grateful Dead.

If you missed them in Louisville last night, which you probably did, you can check them out in Lexington tonight at the Dame. The show starts at 9 pm, is $6, and features Lexington locals Warmer Milks. So what are you waiting for?


Louisville on Antiques Roadshow Tonight

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Antiques Roadshow

We knew we were finally in our thirties (and on our way to death) when we discovered a few years ago that we actually like watching Antiques Roadshow, the PBS show wherein antiques appraisers tell ordinary folks whether their stuff is crap or not. Enjoyment of the show may be a sign of our impending senior citizenry, but whatever, it’s kind of fun and usually pretty educational. And starting this week, Louisville’s the focus of the show (from the Courier-Journal):

Edited episodes from [last summer’s Antiques Roadshow’s Louisville] trip air tonight and the next two Mondays at 8 on KET2. They will also be broadcast starting at 8 Thursday on KET1 and KET-HD and Saturday at 5 p.m. again on KET1.

This is a fairly rare second visit to Louisville by the popular show, which tries not to repeat cities since so many towns want the program. It was also in Louisville in 1998.

Boxing Gloves

However, one of the show’s high points is spoiled in Tom Dorsey’s article, as he discusses boxing gloves autographed by Muhammad Ali, owned by Bill Pfund (above) of Sellersburg, Indiana:

One glove was autographed with the inscription “Next World Champion” in 1963 by a Golden Gloves winner named Cassius Clay. He would later change his name to Muhammad Ali and autographed the other glove after that prophecy came true.

A relative of Pfund’s worked at a Louisville department store more than four decades ago when Clay came in to buy a hat after winning the Golden Gloves and an Olympic gold medal. Pfund said the relative asked Clay if he would sign a pair of boxing gloves for his 6-year-old nephew, Pfund’s son. Clay agreed, and the uncle ran to the sporting goods department to get the gloves.

“My son used to box with them,” Pfund remembered, “and then they got left in the garage for years.” When Ali came to town several years ago, William Pfund Jr. took the gloves to a luncheon and asked the champ to sign the other one, which he did.

A friend in Las Vegas offered $1,500 for them, but William Jr. said he wanted to hang on to them. His dad, who watches every episode of the “Roadshow,” got tickets to the program and brought the gloves for an appraisal out of curiosity.

“I was pleased when they said they were worth $2,500 to $3,000,” said Bill Pfund, who thinks something with both Clay and Ali autographs would bring more than $10,000 on eBay. But they’re “too great an heirloom to sell.”

Guess we’ll have to set the DVR to find out what other rare treasures Louisville residents possess.

Take a Pass on War Pass, Get Out to Record Store Day, and Much More

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Okay, we admit, our blogging has been more than a tad infrequent of late. As we’ve noted recently, the spring weather has out of the house much more often than usual. Throw in the typical pre-Derby over-saturation of work and activities, and you’ve got a recipe for a nearly-abandoned blog. But don’t worry, dear readers! We’ll be back to normal — ie. posting daily — at some point. We’re just not sure when.

War Pass

But for now let’s get on to business. The business of horse racing, that is. The aforementioned Kentucky Derby is fast approaching, as you well know, and with it comes a slew (get it? Seattle Slew? ah, we know it’s a bad pun) of speculation on which horses will be running. And with that, we received the news this morning that War Pass (above), one of the more highly anticipated entries, will not be running (from the Courier-Journal):

War Pass, last season’s unbeaten 2-year-old champion, is out of the Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown after sustaining a small fracture in a left front sesamoid, which forms part of a horse’s ankle.

Trainer Nick Zito said prominent Churchill Downs veterinarian Rick Fischer told him the injury probably happened in the final yards of the April 5 Wood Memorial, when War Pass set a very fast pace under pressure before finishing a close second to Tale of Ekati.

“It’s been an uphill battle this year, what can I tell you,” Zito said this morning by phone. “Just a struggle,unfortunately. He’s a great horse who just had obstacle after obstacle. We just got a bad break here. Rick Fischer is a really good country vet. I said.

‘Doc, when did this happen? He said, ‘It’s new – 20 yards before the wire.’

“… Obviously it was a very tough race on him.”

It’s unfortunate that last year’s Breeders Cup Juvenile champion won’t get the chance to compete in the Kentucky Derby, but as they say, those are the breaks (okay, okay, we’ll stop with the bad puns!). Fortunately, the injury does not appear to even be career-threatening, so we wish War Pass and Nick Zito all the best.

Gypsy Hut

In other, non-horsey news, we forgot to mention that Thursday night we’d be in Cincinnati, at the Back On Track party for Viva Radio. Viva Radio is an online radio station, brought to you by the American Apparel folks, and it happens to be a pretty great listening resource — as you can imagine, online radio requires none of the commercial restraints of broadcasting. And they have contributors from all over the country, including Louisville’s own Kim Sorise, whose show “Soundhouse” airs from 3 to 4 pm every Saturday. So anyway, the party consisted of a few New York, Detroit and Columbus djs (Glen of Absinthe & Presents, Neil M. of Get Low!, Rob Low of Young Toughs, MC Tedward, Odes from Columbus), as well as Cincy local Pete Fusco and Louisville’s Kim Sorise. A fun time was had by all, and we got home so late we completely missed the earthquake! Also, we gotta say, we loved the Gypsy Hut, located in Cincy’s Northside neighborhood, not a far walk from Shake It Records, one of our favorite record stores.


Which reminds us that today, April 19th, is Record Store Day (in addition to being our mom’s birthday). Participating stores in the Louisville area are ear X-tacy and Underground Sounds, so if you’ve got the time and inclination, drop on by either store — or both! We’re not sure what’s on tap at Underground Sounds to celebrate, but ear X-tacy will have a 1 pm dj set by Dwight Johnson, a 3 p.m. in-store performance by Metroschifter, an 8 p.m. screening of “Juno,” with movie-related giveaways, and lots of stuff will be on sale all day long, including 20 percent off vinyl from 1 to 3 pm, and 10 percent off new CDs all day long, and even more (see picture above). Those are deals way too great to even think about passing up. Support your local independent music retailer!

Broken Spurs Tonight at the Pink Door

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Broken Spurs

Though it’s a weeknight, we wanted to alert you that our pals the Broken Spurs are playing at the Pink Door tonight, over at 2222 Dundee Road in the Douglass Loop. It starts at 10 pm, also features Woodrow on the Radio on the turntables, and the best part: it’s free!

What’s In the Weeklies? Week of Apr.16

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We apologize for the late start this week, but hey, it’s springtime, and we’re getting out of the house more often. That said, it’s Wednesday, so it’s time for another installment of What’s In the Weeklies?

LEO Apr. 16

LEO Weekly, April 16, 2008 issue:

Overall Score: 40 points

Velocity Apr. 16

Velocity Weekly, April 16, 2008 issue:

  • Cover Story: Derby Power 2008 10 points (interesting look at the movers and shakers who make Derby what it is, at least this year)
  • Cover Art: 0 points (pretty ugly, doesn’t really have anything to do with the Derby or power, btu looks like a last-minute brainstorm)
  • Additional News: N/A 0 points
  • Additional Features: Power outage, Comedy Q&A 5 points (former is a good explanation of which people were bumped from their Derby Power list this year and why, the latter’s a good Q&A with upcoming comedians Eugene Mirman, Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer)
  • Opinion: This Week’s Winners and Losers 2 points (again, kind of a yawn)
  • Music Coverage: 0 points (nothing this week, except for a couple of concert previews… what gives?)
  • Food/Drink Coverage: The Dugout in Bar Hopper 5 points (the review of the Dugout was up last week, but we still liked it)

Overall Score: 22 points

After last week’s close and tight race, this week’s blowout by LEO comes as a surprise. While Velocity‘s cover story and profiles are pretty interesting, we feel that the rest of the magazine may have suffered as a result, which is too bad. Additionally, LEO tackled a topic that is, as non-drivers, important to us and the community at large. Let’s hope the upcoming pedestrian-themed events sponsored by the Metro government enact some positive changes for Louisville’s walkers and bike-riders.

As always, please feel free to comment! Especially as regards stuff we don’t cover in the weeklies, such as theater and film coverage.

Music This Weekend, Apr.11-13

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So yeah, it’s Thunder weekend and all that. We could care less about this faux-Derby “tradition” (that started when we were in high school), and its militaristic displays, overcrowded streets and air pollution. We much prefer thunder of the HEAVY ROCK variety. So here’s what’s going on around town this weekend. dead child flyer

Tonight one hell of a great metal show is going down at Cahoot’s: Dead Child, Lords, Blade of the Ripper and Prideswallower will bring it for the masses. Dead Child’s new album Attack is now available from Quarterstick/Touch and Go Records, and though we’re not the biggest metal heads in town, we like it just fine. And no, they’re not “fake metal” or whatever else you might think. Read David Pajo’s hilarious take on the band and their critics in this week’s LEO, if you haven’t already. 10 pm, $5, be there!

Mountain Asleep flier

Also tonight there’s a big show at St. John’s Church on Market with Mountain Asleep, Fork.In.Socket, Them Roaring Twenties, Impure Jazz and the Wax Intellectual. We don’t know much about these bands, but hey, it’s something to check out in the future (we’ll be at work). 6:30 pm, $5.

Doesn’t seem to be much going on in the way of shows on Saturday night (unless we missed something, which is more than possible), but Sunday night in Lexington J. Roddy Walston & the Business, Louisville faves Wax Fang and Zavala are playing the Dame. 9 pm, $5.

MLIW flier

And finally, Tuesday the 15th brings the Modern Life Is War farewell tour to Uncle Pleasant’s in Louisville. They’ll be joined by local faves Coliseum, Young Widows and Paralyzer (from Cincinnati). 7 pm, $10, all ages.

Louisville Over Thunder(ing Herd)

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Thundering Whiff

Just got home from Jim Patterson Stadium, where the Louisville Cardinals baseball team beat the visiting Thundering Herd of Marshall. Nope, despite our great seats right behind the plate (see our cellphone photo of a Herd player whiffing at a pitch above), we didn’t hear anybody yell out “WE ARE MARSHALL!” So that was kind of disappointing. But the Cards won, 12-8, despite giving up four runs in the first inning, and we had a good time at our first (but definitely not last) baseball game of the season. Read more about it from the University of Louisville Athletics site:

Josh Richmond, Justin McClanahan and Chris Dominguez went a combined 10 for 15 at the plate with eight RBI and scored seven times, leading the University of Louisville to a 12-8 win over Marshall on Wednesday evening in The Ville.

The Thundering Herd (14-16-1) jumped out to a 4-0 lead in the first when Kurt Lipton, Tommy Johnson, Jeff Rowley and Tyler Oliver each plated runs in consecutive fashion for Marshall.

After Cardinal (17-13) starter James Belanger set down the Herd in order in the top of the second, the UofL offense ignited in the bottom of the frame, taking a 6-4 lead.

Andrew Clark, Jeff Arnold and Alec Lowrey hit consecutive singles to load the bases for Kyle Cheesebrough. The junior catcher, pressed into duty due to an injury to senior receiver Derrick Alfonso, lifted a deep fly ball to center that scored Clark and put the Cards on the board.

An RBI fielder’s choice off the bat of Drew Haynes cut the lead in half, and after John Dao singled, Richmond and McClanahan hit consecutive RBI singles to tie the game at four.

Dominguez then drilled a double to center that plated two and gave the Cards their first lead.

The win was particularly sweet since it came after the Cards’ extra innings loss, 7-6, to the Kentucky Wildcats the day before. The Cards and Cats have a rematch scheduled for April 22nd at Jim Patterson Stadium, and hopefully we’ll be there. And speaking of sweet, we had a waffle cone of butter pecan ice cream from Ehrler’s at the Stadium today, and it was awesome! Yeah!