Louisville on Antiques Roadshow Tonight

Antiques Roadshow

We knew we were finally in our thirties (and on our way to death) when we discovered a few years ago that we actually like watching Antiques Roadshow, the PBS show wherein antiques appraisers tell ordinary folks whether their stuff is crap or not. Enjoyment of the show may be a sign of our impending senior citizenry, but whatever, it’s kind of fun and usually pretty educational. And starting this week, Louisville’s the focus of the show (from the Courier-Journal):

Edited episodes from [last summer’s Antiques Roadshow’s Louisville] trip air tonight and the next two Mondays at 8 on KET2. They will also be broadcast starting at 8 Thursday on KET1 and KET-HD and Saturday at 5 p.m. again on KET1.

This is a fairly rare second visit to Louisville by the popular show, which tries not to repeat cities since so many towns want the program. It was also in Louisville in 1998.

Boxing Gloves

However, one of the show’s high points is spoiled in Tom Dorsey’s article, as he discusses boxing gloves autographed by Muhammad Ali, owned by Bill Pfund (above) of Sellersburg, Indiana:

One glove was autographed with the inscription “Next World Champion” in 1963 by a Golden Gloves winner named Cassius Clay. He would later change his name to Muhammad Ali and autographed the other glove after that prophecy came true.

A relative of Pfund’s worked at a Louisville department store more than four decades ago when Clay came in to buy a hat after winning the Golden Gloves and an Olympic gold medal. Pfund said the relative asked Clay if he would sign a pair of boxing gloves for his 6-year-old nephew, Pfund’s son. Clay agreed, and the uncle ran to the sporting goods department to get the gloves.

“My son used to box with them,” Pfund remembered, “and then they got left in the garage for years.” When Ali came to town several years ago, William Pfund Jr. took the gloves to a luncheon and asked the champ to sign the other one, which he did.

A friend in Las Vegas offered $1,500 for them, but William Jr. said he wanted to hang on to them. His dad, who watches every episode of the “Roadshow,” got tickets to the program and brought the gloves for an appraisal out of curiosity.

“I was pleased when they said they were worth $2,500 to $3,000,” said Bill Pfund, who thinks something with both Clay and Ali autographs would bring more than $10,000 on eBay. But they’re “too great an heirloom to sell.”

Guess we’ll have to set the DVR to find out what other rare treasures Louisville residents possess.


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  2. kay amburgey Says:

    weneis the next show? i would like 2 come

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