Hillary Clinton Made Me Late For Work

Hillary at Manual

(An older picture of Hillary at her Saturday, March 29th appearance at Manual High School, from the Lexington Herald-Leader)

We’re going to drop “the royal we” employed in State of the Commonwealth for this one. Already running slightly late to my second job at ear X-tacy because of Louisville Metro Police’s bright idea of blocking southbound traffic on Baxter Avenue between Market and Broadway (ie. the only way to get to the Highlands from Downtown since Broadway was also closed) for the Pegasus Parade, imagine my chagrin when the heavily-crowded TARC bus I was riding (route 17) mysteriously stopped before the Circle K on Bardstown Road. LMP cars and mysterious, large SUVs with tinted windows blocked off Bardstown Road in both directions, while a large white tourbus sat in front of Palermo Vijeo. Men in dark suits and sunglasses (on an eighty-degree day) swarmed back and forth across the road unhindered, while a crowd of some fifty-odd people held signs and stood behind a barricade on the east side of the street. Hmmm, I wondered, then mused aloud to my fellow passengers that Chelsea Clinton was rumored to be in town for the Derby. Since the bus wasn’t going anywhere — nor was anyone else driving on Bardstown — I hopped off and hoofed it to work, grumbling about my shit public transportation luck on May Day.

Well, it’s no mystery to me now, thanks to Page One Kentucky: Hillary Clinton was in town today to meet with the Courier-Journal editorial board, and stopped off at her campaign headquarters adjacent to Palermo afterwards. Great.

On the one hand, I’m thrilled that Kentucky’s primary on May 20th may actually mean something this year, and that both Hillary and Obama will more than likely be making more appearances here (unless the latter blows the former away next Tuesday in the Indiana and North Carolina primaries). On the other hand, making working people late for work or on their travels home after work ON A DAY WHEN TRAFFIC IN LOUISVILLE IS ALREADY GOING TO BE SHITTY BECAUSE OF SOME FLOATS AND MARCHING BANDS is, well, shitty (how many times can I use that pejorative in this post? A LOT OF TIMES!). Obviously, traffic around Churchill Downs is terrible this time of year, so most Louisvillians avoid Central Avenue and its environs when they can. But closing down the main artery through one of Louisville’s most important and well-traveled neighborhoods on a day like today is a bonehead play. It’s unlikely that Hillary had my primary vote before today, but after today’s transportation fiasco? No thanks, Hill.

PS. If anyone from the Clinton campaign — either local or national — ever reads this (which I doubt), please try to communicate the importance of a little more local traffic savvy next time Hillary or Bill or even Chelsea comes to town!

PPS. If anyone from LMP or Louisville Metro government or even a city planner ever reads this (which I doubt), please don’t close off Baxter southbound to TARC buses during next year’s Pegasus Parade!


3 Responses to “Hillary Clinton Made Me Late For Work”

  1. […] picked a filly in the Derby. Har Har.  More importantly, she made the excellent SOTC late for work.  (Harsh language redacted because we still like her more than John “Mission […]

  2. (Copied from Whatsrequired because, you know, you should know I wasn’t censoring YOU)
    Oh no, I didn’t redact you, I redacted MY harsh words– I don’t want you fired, either!

    And yeah, Obamarama> The Hills > J-Mac

  3. […] And forget filling up our gas tank, we don’t even have a car! (Way to remind us about how Hillary made us late for work, Bill.) Thirdly, is Bill saying that Hillary’s supporters are uneducated and poor? Even if […]

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