Primary Day is May 20th…

Bobbie Holsclaw

Do you know where your polling place is? Uh oh… (from the Courier-Journal):

The Jefferson County Board of Elections has moved more than a dozen voting sites for the May 20 primary, affecting thousands of people.

Some of the locations had accessibility problems, some of the owners of the buildings were no longer able to lease their premises and a church, Hill Street Missionary Baptist on Dixie Highway, was heavily damaged by a storm.

One site, the United Auto Workers Union Hall on Chamberlain Lane, can’t be used May 20 because the union is holding its own elections that day.

More than 12,000 people are registered to vote in the 13 precincts and were recently sent notices of their new places to vote, said elections spokesman Nore Ghibaudy.

Here’s a look at voting changes for the primary:

E-172: From Episcopal Church Home, 7504 Westport Road, to Lyndon Christian Church, 8125 La Grange Road.

F-172: From Watkins United Methodist Church, 9800 Westport Road, to Zachary Taylor Elementary School, 9620 Westport Road.

K-107, K-108 and K-121: From Hill Street Missionary Baptist, 2203 Dixie Highway, to Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, 3315 Dixie Highway.

L-104: From Louisville Urban League, 1535 W. Broadway, to Roosevelt-Perry Elementary, 1606 Magazine St.

S-146: From Watkins United Methodist Church, 9800 Westport Road, to Zachary Taylor Elementary, 9620 Westport Road.

S-151, S-155, S-158, S-159: From UAW hall, 2702 Chamberlain Lane, to Basketball Academy, 2401 Stanley Gault Parkway.

T-103, T-104: From Chancey Elementary, 4301 Murphy Lane, to Green Castle Baptist Church, 4970 Murphy Lane.

In addition, Ghibaudy said three other precincts were split and that some of their voters will be going to new polling places. He said he didn’t know how many voters are affected, but added that election officials split each of the precincts because they have a large number of voters and officials wanted to avoid lines.

Precinct E-175 was split from E-172 and will vote at Episcopal Church Home, 7504 Westport Road. F-175 was split from F-101 and will vote at Watkins United Methodist Church, 9800 Westport Road. And S-161 was split from S-140 and will vote at Springdale Community Church, 4601 Springdale Road.

For election-related information, call 574-6100.

While the reasons for the changes are outlined in the article above, we can’t deny we’re a little suspicious as to why the Jefferson County Board of Elections (overseen by Bobbie Holsclaw (above), Jefferson County’s Republican County Clerk) waited so long to announce the venue changes — especially with the timing coming right after the Derby (when most people aren’t paying attention), and especially given the slowness of the USPS.

The race for the Democratic presidential nomination might end tonight with the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, but still — Kentucky’s primary is only two weeks away! Given that we’re also Obama supporters, and that he has stronger support in Jefferson than in most of the rest of the state, we wonder how these venue changes will affect turnout in Kentucky’s most populous county. Neither have we seen any other blog question the timing and tenor of these changes — so either we’re being paranoid, or nobody’s paying attention.


3 Responses to “Primary Day is May 20th…”

  1. […] margin of error, the only place in the state that was true–could have found a better time to move polling places and split precincts. They’ve displaced more than a dozen of them, with less than two weeks to the election, and […]

  2. pageonekentucky Says:

    Bobbie pulls this crap every election cycle.

    My polling place has changed three times in as many years.

  3. stateofthecommonwealth Says:

    I’m not sure that I’m reassured by your post!

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