Jerry, Get Your Gun

Jerry and Ernie

(picture of Mayor Jerry Abramson with some conservative guy from — we love this photo!)

Get ready, Louisville: this weekend brings the National Rifle Association‘s annual meeting to the Kentucky International Convention Center (traffic note from the Courier-Journal: Third Street between Market and Jefferson will be closed during the weekend), estimated to bring at least 60,000 gun enthusiasts into our fair burg for the weekend (not to mention Republican Presidential candidate John McCain, who will be addressing the meeting). Anecdotally, around 6:45 AM this morning we saw a few gigantic tour buses lining up on Second Street, so we imagine the influx of gun-toters will be quite the boon for local businesses (do you work in a food service or hospitality job? let us know in comments how your weekend turns out, please). Additionally, Texas Congressman, would-be McCain spoiler and William Jennings Bryanimitator Ron Paul (google him yourself, sport) will be in town Saturday, speaking at the Palace. So if you’re a conservative and love guns, this weekend is probably the highlight of your year.

Since we’re neither, we’re likely to be in that, um, great, uh, state to the north, Indiana to see Iron Man at the Holiday Drive-In. And we gotta say, though we’re not big fans of either the NRA or Republicans or even libertarians, we’ve got to give credit (we suppose) to Jerry Abramson. That is, he must be one heck of a good salesman to bring such a conservative weekend to a latte-swillin’, liberal-votin’ (sometimes) town with more than its fair share of gun-related violence. So kudos, Jerry! And don’t worry about any stain on your conscience.

UPDATE, 8:20 PM: Apparently Mike Huckabee made a totally inappropriate “joke” about someone shooting Barack Obama at the NRA hoedown earlier today. Good one, Mike.


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