Will Hillary Concede Tonight in Louisville?

Clinton Supporters

Although it’s a foregone conclusion that she’ll win Kentucky in today’s primary election, many outlets in the national news media are reporting that Barack Obama will pick up a majority of pledged delegates over Hillary Clinton today (story from the Associated Press via NPR; photo of Clinton supporters at Hillary’s rally at the Fairgrounds yesterday from the Courier-Journal). So that begs the question: will Hillary concede tonight in Louisville? The rumor’s been making the rounds for the past couple days, but of course, anything can happen. That said, there sure were a lot of satellite uplink trucks outside the Louisville Marriott Downtown this morning, where Clinton will “conclude her Kentucky campaign with an event tonight,” according to the C-J. So anyway, no matter what happens, get out there and vote today!

Some minor notes as we wind up Kentucky’s primary — Bill Clinton said this yesterday:

All those people telling you not to vote have several things in common — they all have a good job, college education, affordable health care, and they can afford to fill up their gas tank…

Does this strike anyone as, well, a bit misguided? Firstly, I can’t think of any Obama supporter, or anyone in the mainstream media for that matter, who has made the claim that Clinton supporters shouldn’t vote. Secondly, we’re Obama supporters with a college education, but hey we work two jobs (neither of which are salaried) and don’t have health insurance. And forget filling up our gas tank, we don’t even have a car! (Way to remind us about how Hillary made us late for work, Bill.) Thirdly, is Bill saying that Hillary’s supporters are uneducated and poor? Even if that were true across the board (and it isn’t), who wants to be told, “Hey, you’re uneducated and poor?”

Secondly, the Courier-Journal, as always, makes us wonder what they’re possibly thinking (or perhaps not thinking) by titling a photo gallery Hillary and Bill campaigning in Louisville, then putting five photos of Michelle Obama and Rep. John Yarmuth at Kosair Children’s Hospital yesterday first. That just seems sorta strange to us.

UPDATE 9:00 PM: Obviously Hillary won Kentucky as expected, but clearly rumors of her conceding the race tonight remain, for the moment, rumors:

“It’s not just Kentucky bluegrass that’s music to my ears, it’s the sound of your overwhelming vote of confidence, even in the face of some pretty tough odds,” Clinton told her supporters in Kentucky. Oregon also was voting Tuesday, and was expected to tilt toward Obama.

We gotta wonder if Hillary knows who Ralph Stanley is. For that matter, we gotta wonder who Ralph Stanley endorses! Uh oh…

Aw Ralph!


Speaking of not flattering portraits, Kentucky, get ready for your turn as Redneck Voter Central (taking over from West Virginia).


2 Responses to “Will Hillary Concede Tonight in Louisville?”

  1. goodtimepolitics Says:

    The republicans are happy that its Obama over Hillary, does that tell you something? 🙂

  2. stateofthecommonwealth Says:

    Not really, since the Republicans should worry about their own candidate.

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