What’s In the Weeklies? Week of May 21

Welcome, once again, to another installment of What’s In the Weeklies?, where we take a look at Louisville’s two major weekly newspapers, so you don’t have to. 

LEO May 21

LEO Weekly, May 21, 2008 issue:

Overall Score: 38 points

Velocity May 21

Velocity Weekly, May 21, 2008 issue:

  • Cover Story: Feeling like a cosmopolitan 0 points (OMG, LOL, a cover story on how some women like “Sex and the City” — seriously, how is this a story? “[Viewers] liked getting a peek into life in New York” WRONG — there is not a writer — much less a columnist! — in New York who can afford that many Manolo Blahniks, people)
  • Cover Art: 0 points (given that there wasn’t much to work with concept-wise, this still sure is boring)
  • Additional News: N/A 0 points
  • Additional Features: Q&A: Lauren Weisberger 2 points (“Sex and the City” and The Devil Wears Prada in the same issue? snoooooooze. Ps. again, nobody in New York lives like people do in either show/book/whatever)
  • Opinion: This Week’s Winners and Losers, Instead of judging Miley… 5 points (wow, the second piece on the unrealistic way we as society approach adolescent sexuality is actually pretty good!)
  • Music Coverage: Ike Reilly profile, Backstage at SNL with My Morning Jacket, Pokey LaFarge profile 10 points (decent music coverage this week)
  • Food/Drink Coverage: Felice Vineyards in the Bar Hopper 5 points 
  • Number of times the phrase “Metro Council” appears: 0

Overall Score: 22 points

Even with LEO publishing their Summer Fun Guide, which by definition is going to be pretty ephemeral, Velocity was stomped this week. We suppose that this may not come as a shock to some (since we have a pretty dude-centric perspective, being dudes and all), but somehow we still have a hard time understanding the “Sex and the City” phenomenon. It wasn’t that good of a TV show even as fantasy, but we’re constantly flummoxed by fans who claim it has something — anything — to do with “real life” in New York City. Much like the apartment in “Friends” or the apparent joblessness of the characters in “Seinfeld,” “Sex and the City” doesn’t have much in common with the life we — or any of our numerous friends — lived in the Big Apple. It’s fine to enjoy it as a sort of “zany” look at dating or whatever, but people, please stop pretending this show — or really any sitcom on television — has anything to do with reality. You want reality? Watch “Frontline.”

Okay, rant over! As always, please feel free to comment! Especially as regards stuff we don’t cover in the weeklies, such as theater and film coverage.


3 Responses to “What’s In the Weeklies? Week of May 21”

  1. You know I don’t even pick up LEO or Velocity unless you tell me there is a really good story in one of them. Seriously, I just wait for your What’s In the Weeklies to determine if I should even bother glancing at them.

    Sex and the City is totally removed from reality and even further removed from what my life looks like (old, boring, with the same partner for a million years, etc). That said I love it and am really looking forward to the film.

  2. stateofthecommonwealth Says:

    Yeah, though I don’t really like the show on its terms, if you like it as it is, that’s fine by me. Diff’rent strokes and all that (whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?). It’s when people claim that it has any basis in reality (or at least, more than one particular writer’s reality which doesn’t really relate to any of the struggling freelancers I know in New York), that’s when I get a little bugged.

    One thing I’m just now thinking of that the article didn’t cover, though, is how much easier it would be to live that sort of excessive lifestyle in Louisville, given how much cheaper things are here. Granted I only quickly scanned the article, but I didn’t see that in there. When median home prices are still less than $150,000, one can probably buy a lotta Manolos (or whatever) if one makes $50K or more yearly…

  3. adamogron Says:

    That Velocity article made me puke a little.

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