LEO Weekly Sold to Tennessee Publisher

We’re late to this story (since we’ve been at work all afternoon and evening), but might as well post it anyway: the LEO Weekly has been sold to a publisher in Tennessee (from the Courier-Journal):

The Louisville Eccentric Observer, which since its founding in 1990 has established itself as a feisty weekly on subjects from politics to the arts, has been acquired by Tennessee-based SouthComm Communications.

Known in most circles simply as LEO, the newspaper had been owned since 2003 by Times Publishing Co. of Erie, Pa. Distributed widely in Louisville and Southern Indiana, the free weekly has a circulation of between 30,000 and 40,000 copies, reaching an average of just under 180,000 readers each month, according to publisher Pam Brooks.

Four people at LEO, including Editor Cary Stemle, will be losing their jobs. Stephen George will become Interim Editor in the meantime. Our friends at The ‘Ville Voice have three more posts on the sale here, here and here.


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