Your Correspondent, DJing at Hip Check TONIGHT at the Monkeywrench

Hip Check Flier

We’re going to break the third person style to bring you this special announcement:

I’m gonna be playing some records with the lovely Miss Kim Sorise at the Monkeywrench from 10 PM to 2 AM tonight! Y’all should come out! I’ll be spinning probably some funk, soul, afrobeat and dub reggae, though there might be some rock mixed in there as well — I’m gonna fill a big grab-bag full of stuff.

This is just a one-off, but I hope to spin again with her in the future — and I know she’s planning on having some occasional guest djs soon as well. Come on out, say hi, have a beer. The Monkeywrench is, of course, at the corner of Barrett and Winter.


4 Responses to “Your Correspondent, DJing at Hip Check TONIGHT at the Monkeywrench”

  1. I would love to come hear you spin, I’m just too old for clubs. Seriously, even the beginning time is almost past my bedtime. I wish you the very best luck though and would love to see your playlist (or hear a muxtape version of it). Have a great time.

  2. stateofthecommonwealth Says:

    The Monkeywrench is more of a restaurant/bar than a club, that’s for sure. Very relaxed vibe, not anything like the stuff you’d see in, say, Velocity featuring half-naked 22 year-olds, or anything. Definitely hear you ’bout the late hour, I get up at 7 am most days for my shift at Derby City Espresso, so I’ll be pulling quite the long day today. S’all right, though.

    I’ll try to write my selections down and see if I can do a muxtape of ’em. It’s all vinyl, though, so I’m not sure I’d be able to find every mp3.

  3. Just Joe Says:

    Hey, looks like a nifty blog you’ve got here. Just something else to make me miss Louisville, I guess. Keep up the good work.

  4. […] rock n’ roll, and all kinds of good-time party music, with no cover, starting at 10 pm. Much like last week, we’ll be joining her for an hour or so to play some jams. Drop on by, then head over to the Nach Bar […]

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