Louisville Coffee News: Quills Closing, Mickey D’s Adding Cafes

(Quills photo from openlouisville.com)

In drink news that doesn’t particularly bode well for other independent coffeehouses, Quills Coffee & Books is closing (from Consuming Louisville):

July 19, 2008 is the last day of business for Quills Coffee and Books at their Kentucky Street location. They told me they’re closing but that they’ll be opening again sometime soon-ish, somewhere. Yeah, it was all a little vague. The guy on the phone said they’re hoping to say in the same neighborhood but don’t have a location yet. So maybe the rent was too high at the current location or the lack of parking became an issue. Don’t know. 

Rumor has it there was some sort of “landlord issue,” but we don’t know that for sure, so don’t quote us! Heh. But yes, hopefully Quills will reopen in a new location soon.

Additionally, local area McDonalds will open new coffee cafes (from Business First):

Several McDonald’s USA LLC owner-operators in the Louisville market are planning renovations to add coffee bars on the way to serving specialty drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes and mochas.

McDonald’s Restaurants of Kentuckiana are among the first restaurants in the country to launch the McCafé coffee line, according to a news release. A newly rebuilt McDonald’s at 1245 Bardstown Road in the Highlands is the first in the area to serve McCafé coffees. Consumers can see if McCafé is available at their local McDonald’s by visiting www.mymccafe.com and entering their ZIP code.

McDonald’s increased coffee and beverage options with the launch of its premium roast coffee in 2006.

About 80 percent of McDonald’s 13,700 U.S. restaurants are independently owned and operated by local franchisees, according to the release.

It’s not entirely clear whether the McCafé concept will be successful (especially in a hot, humid, Southern city such as Louisville), but Big Junk’s encroachment on the gourmet coffee business can’t be that encouraging to small independents. That said, Louisville has a very strong independent coffee scene (and many of Louisville’s neighborhoods have proven fairly resistant to Starbucks), so hopefully discerning consumers will understand the difference in quality.


2 Responses to “Louisville Coffee News: Quills Closing, Mickey D’s Adding Cafes”

  1. I’ve also heard that at least a couple Louisville Starbucks are on the chopping block in that sweep of 600 stores closing. I’ve gotten no official confirmation but the rumor I’ve heard most often is that the Westport Road/Hubbards Lane Starbucks is definitely a goner. Take that with as much of a grain of salt as you like since it is of course just a rumor at this point.

  2. caligrrrl Says:

    Perhaps you shouldn’t chalk it up to “landlord issues” or spread a possibly untrue rumor. None of us know what’s going on, but a lot of us know and really like the landlord. We also know and like Quills, so leave the rumors to the children on the playground where they belong. If a business wants to secure a location BUY a building. Don’t assume it’s a landlord being unfair.

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