Some Good Music, Tonight and Tomorrow

We’re not big on hyping anything, especially if it’s something we’re actually doing, but tonight once again we are djing with the lovely and talented Miss Kim Sorise, one of Louisville’s best djs, at the Monkeywrench from 10 PM to 2 AM tonight, September the 25th. Come on out! There will be drink specials and it’s also three days before our birthday (that is, our actual birthday, not the blog’s birthday).

The Monkeywrench didn’t have power for most of last week, so please come on out and support an awesome local business that needs your help! And of course, the Monkeywrench is located at the corner of Winter and Barrett, in that fun little area between the Highlands and Germantown (that really doesn’t have a name).

Tomorrow night, at Lisa’s Oak Street Lounge on the corner of Oak & Swan in Germantown, Detroit rockers Tyvek play with Suspected Terrorists and Metal Bubbles. We saw Tyvek back when we lived in New York, and they’re great. They’ve got a new single out called “Sidewalk,” and wouldn’t you know, we’ve got some mp3s of it here for you to download. Suspected Terrorists are a great Louisville combo, and Metal Bubbles are a new band consisting of Tim Ruth (ex-Evergreeen), Dom (Dead Child, Phantom Family Halo, Sapat) and Kris A. and Alan from Sapat. Should be awesome. 10 PM, $3. Sorry, no flier.

Also Friday night, Second Story Man (subject of a nice little write-up in this week’s Velocity) is playing the Pour Haus with Yardsale and Sandpaper Dolls. We’re really excited about the latter, as it’s an all-female a capella trio including Suki Anderson of A.M. Sunday and Amber Estes of Liberation Prophecy. 9 PM, $5. If there’s a debate, we’re gonna watch part of it, DVR the rest, then head over to the show!


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