Update on Bardstown Road Bike Crash

As we reported Tuesday evening, a female bicyclist was struck by a van on Bardstown Road near Grinstead Drive that afternoon. Unfortunately, we have some sad news to report, as posted on the Louisville Hardcore forums:

As some of you may have heard, some of you may have not, my roommate Jen Futrel passed away last night due to damage she recieved from getting hit from behind on her bike Tuesday afternoon on Bardstown Road.

Please send love, good energy, pray, or whatever you do to her family and Stewart. She was an amazing person who was full of love and warmth. She provided meals for many and some of my best memories have been shared with her.

We will be meeting at Fort Future (924 Shelby Parkway for those of you not in the know) at around 5:30pm and then going to chain the ghost bike up on Bardstown Road (in between Grinstead and Highland) around 7:00pm. Please come to show your support for safer streets, Jen and her loved ones, and all cyclists who’ve been hurt or killed.

Generally we wouldn’t post something like this, from a message board, but the Courier-Journal hasn’t updated their initial story, and we felt it should be out there. Our condolences go out to the family and friends of another bicyclist killed on Louisville’s supposedly safer streets this year. Adding to the sadness, Ms. Futrel was a signatory to Safe Streets Louisville, a worthy organization dedicated to holding reckless drivers accountable.


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