West Main Street one of America’s 10 Great Streets

The Courier-Journal is reporting this morning that West Main Street in Louisville has been designated one of America’s 10 Great Streets by the American Planning Association. To celebrate the award, a number of museums and businesses in the area on Main between 2nd Street and 9th Street will be offering all kinds of deals:

The West Main corridor is now home to Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, the Muhammad Ali Center, the Frazier International History Museum, the science center and the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, among others.

To celebrate the Great Street award, several events are planned this week along West Main.

Starting today through the weekend, many of the bars and restaurants on West Main will offer drink and food specials.

On Saturday, museums and other attractions are offering buy-one, get-one free tickets to Jefferson County and Southern Indiana residents who show ID.

Other Great Streets chosen by the APA include Broad Street in Philadelphia and Main Street in Annapolis, Maryland. One of our favorite places, the West Side Market in Cleveland, Ohio, was chosen as one of ten Great Public Spaces.

Sitting here in an office on East Main Street, we’re pretty impressed by the designation, though it underscores how parts of Louisville’s downtown are disconnected from each other. Though 2nd and Main is a short walk away, this part of Main east of I-65 is the polar opposite of West Main: no restaurants, no museums, with mainly industrial spaces and not much connection to the Market Street gallery scene. Main west of I-64 is nearly the same, a long warehouse district with beautiful architecture, but hardly any people (much less attractions for people). While the seven blocks of West Main have definitely come back from their long 20th Century decline, the rest of Main Street could use some attention.


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