Don’t Miss Fleur Delicious

Right now, the third annual Fleur Delicious — Downtown Louisville’s Restaurant Week — is going on:

Has going out to eat put a pinch on your pocket book?……….Then come downtown for Fleur De Licious. Fleur De Licious is the perfect opportunity to enjoy exceptional dishes prepared by Downtown Louisville’s hottest eateries. Want to impress that special someone?….Make a whole night of it downtown….Treat your date to a three-course dinner at one of our participating restaurants and then take in one of the many shows at Actors Theatre or The Kentucky Center.

With Fleur de Licious, there’s no passes to buy, coupons to carry or cards to punch; simply attend the participating restaurant of your choice and select from a special Fleur De Licious 3-course prix-fix menu for either $25.00 or $35.00 per person. (beverages, tax and gratuity are not included.)

With a deal like this, you don’t want to be left out. Make your reservations today!

Participating Restaurants

Bistro 301 Menu

BLU Italian Grille Menu

Bristol Bar & Grille- Downtown Menu


Hard Rock Cafe Menu

Los Aztecas

Mayan Cafe Menu

Melillo’s Italian Restaurant Menu

Proof Menu

Red Star Tavern

Road to Morocco Menu

Vincenzo’s Menu

3-course meals for $25 at most of these places is a pretty awesome deal. 3 courses for $35 isn’t too shabby, either. Check it out and support local, downtown restaurants!


4 Responses to “Don’t Miss Fleur Delicious”

  1. *cough* self-linking *cough*

    You didn’t link to my note about going to Melillo’s because a) their food is fantastic but also b) they’re offering a 4 course meal for $25.

  2. stateofthecommonwealth Says:

    Hey, I’ve been meaning to post about Fleur Delicious even before your post today! Just now got around to it! Melillo’s sounds great, though. Honestly, I’m more likely to go to Proof or the Mayan Cafe, but if I can swing by Melillo’s, I will.

    I had a cookie at Cake Flour during lunch today, btw, and it was excellent! Walking distance from my work, too.

  3. Alright I’ll cut you some slack then. 😉

    I really wanted to go to Proof & Mayan Cafe but they both left vegetarians out in the cold. I want to hear all about the vegetarian components of your meal at Proof (particularly the butternut squash soup and whatever dessert you choose). If Proof would give vegetarians just a tiny bit more love they’d get so many more of my dining out dollars.

    Also good to know about the Cake Flour cookie. I’ve only had cupcakes and brownies there.

  4. stateofthecommonwealth Says:

    They gave me a free brownie sample which was fantastic, too! And they have espresso and cappuccinos, which is good to know. Between them and Derby City Espresso (a couple blocks in the other direction), I’ve got equidistant espresso choices.

    I’m a carnivore so I’m down with whatever Proof has. Especially their bison burger. 😉

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