RUDE WEIRDO and DRUNKDRIVER at Cahoot’s This Wednesday!

This Wednesday, November 12th, we are promoting yet another fun night of wild and crazy music, this time at Cahoot’s, 1047 Bardstown Road. Louisville’s RUDE WEIRDO is teaming up with New York’s newcomers DRUNKDRIVER for some debauchery and good times. Here’s what we wrote about both in a press release:

Louisville’s RUDE WEIRDO are a return to classic, three-piece, three-chord punk. Consisting of Eric Ronay, Dave Bird and Tony Bailey, these veterans of “the scene, man” really throw it down. The first time I saw them (with an almost entirely different lineup, with the exception of bassplayer/singer Ronay), they covered Agent Orange. They’ve released a compact disc on Louisville Lip Records, and hopefully more good things are coming soon.

New York’s DRUNKDRIVER are yet another trio, this time with a singer (Michael Berdan), guitarist (Kristy Greene), and drummer (Jeremy Villalobos). They’ve been playing shows in the Northeast for about a year now, alongside and opening for the likes of Pink Reason, Pissed Jeans, Eat Skull, Psychedelic Horseshit, and many other socially maladjusted types. Parts Unknown Records of Tom’s River, NJ is releasing their first LP, Born Pregnant, any minute now. Oh and for those of you scoring at home, DRUNKDRIVER drummer Jeremy Villalobos used to be a member of the defunct Los Angeles hardcore band Wives — the two other members of Wives now operate as No Age (on Sub Pop Records). Villalobos is also in the NYC hardcore band Cutter, and he and Berdan also have a power electronics side project called Whip and the Body. You can read an amusing interview with DRUNKDRIVER here at the Agit Reader, based out of Columbus, Ohio:

The show starts at 10 PM, and costs $5. Additionally, it won’t conflict time-wise with the Grails/Sapat/Vampire Squid show at Skull Alley (1017 E. Broadway, 7 PM, $7), so if you can, you should go to that too!

UPDATE, 11/11: Here’s a flier for that Grails/Sapat/Vampire Squid show…


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  1. thanks, much, joel!

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