Suffocating Swift Swine Smell Suspended?

(Railroad tracks by the Swift Plant by Jeff in Dayton from

Ah, we love alliterations this week. Anyway, the Courier-Journal is reporting this afternoon that the Swift Meat Packaging Plant in Butchertown has been fined by the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control Board, and will install new equipment to help suppress the malodorous, uh, odor:

Swift & Co. will spend at least $250,000 on new equipment and procedures to control odors pork processing plant in Butchertown.

An order approved today by the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control Board also requires Swift to pay a $47,800 fine. The order addresses alleged odor violations and other violations at the plant at 1200 Story Ave. before Oct. 2.

The fine was too small, Butchertown residents and business owners said.

“For years Swift has been allowed to walk all over the tax paying citizen of Louisville, spewing into the air their noxious and harmful odors,” Andrew Cornelius, president of the Butchertown Neighborhood Association, said in a letter read by former neighborhood association Segrest at today’s public hearing on the order, held at the pollution control district’s offices at 850 Barret Ave.

Mark Prussian, chief executive officer of the Eye Care Institute on Story Avenue, said he has spent about $10,000 in three years to install air scrubbers at the entrance and take other measures to combat the odor from Swift. He also said the fine “doesn’t mean anything.”

The aim of the order is to keep the odor contained on the Swift property, and more improvements could be required if these don’t work, Terri Phelps, the district’s enforcement manager, said at the hearing.

Dennis Conniff, an attorney representing Swift, said the company has already been making improvements and that it’s required to arrange for a third-party assessment of the effectiveness of the measures taken under the order.

The company must apply for a construction permit by Dec. 22 to make several improvements, and installation of some new equipment and procedures is required within 180 days after the permit is issued.

All we can say is it’s about freakin’ time. Sometimes we smell the plant all the way by our house in Schnitzelburg.


3 Responses to “Suffocating Swift Swine Smell Suspended?”

  1. I used to get that lovely odor from Fisher’s when I lived on Payne Street. I was shocked to get a whiff of it after coming out of a building downtown during a rainstorm a few months ago…I am glad they are doing something about it-even if it has been an issue for years!

  2. I like the smell.

    But I prefer the corn mash stank from out 18th street.

  3. stateofthecommonwealth Says:

    I miss the old cigarette smell out by the Phillip Morris plant.

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