This Just In: OCP To Close Jan. 1

WHAS-11 News is reporting that Louisville Metro has extended the closing date of Otter Creek Park from December 14th to January 1st.

Meanwhile, WAVE-3 reports that there will be a meeting at OCP Sunday on keeping the park open:

A large turnout is expected at Otter Creek on Sunday, December 7th when a group trying to save the park will meet at the park pavilion to discuss their options. The meeting starts at 2 p.m.

Unfortunately we’ll be able to attend but we hope it goes well! If you attend, please be sure to tell us how it went.


3 Responses to “This Just In: OCP To Close Jan. 1”

  1. Michael HArper Says:

    The meeting is Sunday December 7th @ 2PM in the pavillion in the overflow area inside the campground. Please come if you can!

  2. I’m going to try and take some video of the event. I’ll put it up @ The Valley Report Sunday night.

  3. stateofthecommonwealth Says:

    Awesome! Brian, it turns out that I should be able to make it, so it would be great to meet you at the meeting. The Valley Report is a great blog!

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