Farewell to Byron Crawford

(Photo of Byron Crawford from some time in the 1970s from the C-J.)

While his column was sometimes (okay, most always) hokey, it is a shame that Byron Crawford, longtime scribe of all things Kentucky at the Courier-Journal, penned his last column today. You can read it here.

Crawford’s retirement comes as the Courier-Journal lays off 10 percent of its work force, as mandated by its owner the Gannett Company. For coverage of Gannett’s layoffs and miscues, check out the Gannett Blog.


One Response to “Farewell to Byron Crawford”

  1. Walter Laughlin Says:

    I have had the great pleasure of having known Byron Crawford for a number of years. Hokey may be a word that some might use to describe his work but I think that no one in my lifetime has captured the spirit of what it is to be a Kentuckian than Byron. He once spoke of the people of the commonwealth as those he has had the pleasure of meeting and those he has not yet had the opportunity to meet. He is the last of a dying breed and the rightful heir to a column begun by Allen Trout in the 1920s and continued by Joe Creason. Unfortunate that Gannett has chosen to end the line. He is my friend and though I no longer live in Kentucky I am proud to be one of the kentuckians that he has had the opportunity to know. Enjoy your retirement my friend, you have earned it.

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