Visualize Class Warfare T-Shirts Now Available!

(VISUALIZE CLASS WARFARE t-shirt handsomely modeled by Cherry Bomb’s Nathan Erickson.)

So back in the halcyon days of August, when gas prices were higher and there was considerably more angst about which candidate would be our nation’s next President, a bunch of us Louisvillians were sitting around a campfire (out in the country near Bardstown, actually), roastin’ some dogs, singin’ some songs, and talkin’ about what the future had in store for our country. Well, let me tell you, through the course of the evening one thing that made us all laugh was that old chestnut of a slogan that you might still frequently see on some old hippy’s beat-up Volkswagen: VISUALIZE WORLD PEACE. While, sure, one could identify with the optimism of such a statement, the sheer impossibility of the task seemed, well, more than a little quaint for this age of quarrel (as 1980s hardcore band the Cro-Mags might call it). What, we thought, our age needs is a new slogan, one that sums up the difficulties of life in the latter part of the first decade of the 21st Century.

And then it came to us! Three of us present on that sweltering August night — Joe Manning, Nathan Erickson, and Joel Hunt — penned a robust slogan perfect for our “interesting” times: VISUALIZE CLASS WARFARE. And what’s more, we’ve even printed that same slogan on a t-shirt, a sweatshop-free American Apparel t-shirt, which those of you who understand the troubled times we live in (which should be, like, all of you) can buy! Tired of hearing about bailouts from the federal government to already-wealthy investment bankers? VISUALIZE CLASS WARFARE! Sick to death of social services being cut because of the budget crisis? VISUALIZE CLASS WARFARE! Nervous about what may happen if you or someone you love is laid off? VISUALIZE CLASS WARFARE! Our sloganized t-shirts may not solve any of your problems, but at least you’ll look good while you’re undergoing them.

VISUALIZE CLASS WARFARE t-shirts are available exclusively at Cherry Bomb, 1602 Bardstown Road in the following sizes: men’s small, medium, large, and xl; women’s small, medium, large. $18, while supplies last! Cherry Bomb has VISUALIZE CLASS WARFARE bumper stickers for $2.50 too! And be sure to visit Keep up the struggle, comrades!


One Response to “Visualize Class Warfare T-Shirts Now Available!”

  1. Paul Moffett Says:

    Good idea, if only people actually understood what it meant.

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