Kaelin’s Restaurant, the Birthplace of the Cheeseburger, Closes… for Remodeling?

(Kaelin’s, and their famous “Please WAVE” sign, from lie_inourgraves’ photostream on Flickr.)

According to a thread on the Louisville HotBytes forum, Kaelin’s Restaurant — allegedly the birth place of the cheeseburger, opened in 1934 — closed for good last night. We haven’t seen confirmation from any local media just yet, and their web site is still active, but the HotBytes forum is usually a good authority on such matters.

Needless to say, the closing of a great Louisville institution is something we’re not thrilled about. When we find out more details online, we’ll update this post.

UPDATE, 10:45 PM: It appears we may have been misinformed as to the permanence of Kaelin’s closing. Michelle at Consuming Louisville informs us that Kaelin’s is closing for renovations. We can only assume for now that means an updated Kaelin’s.


12 Responses to “Kaelin’s Restaurant, the Birthplace of the Cheeseburger, Closes… for Remodeling?”

  1. Ate there last night (on their “last night”)– the folks there say they’re closing for renovations and will be open in the spring. Fret not. I think they’re just sprucing up.

  2. Actually, I take that back, I don’t THINK they’re sprucing up… there were “we’re closing for renovations” signs everywhere. Interwebs, calm the heck down. http://loueyville.blogspot.com/2009/03/out-of-office.html

  3. Incorrect info you got there Joel. As Lou said they’re closed for remodeling. I posted a picture of the sigh stating that on Consuming Louisville.

  4. stateofthecommonwealth Says:

    Thanks, Michelle. Looks like we goofed, though we have every reason to believe Will Crawford’s post on HotBytes, too. It’s very possible that whomever he talked to on the phone gave him the wrong information. Highly regrettable error on our part, though.

  5. You had me scared at first. I remember going there as a kid. I’m looking forward to the renovations. Also its has one of the best cafe Louisville has.

  6. It appears you were right.

    Now how about some new posts?

  7. Seriously, what happened to this blog? I notice that it and the Otter Creek blog both ended at about the same time. Did the blogger(s) move from Louisville? Were they/Was he/she gunned down by an irate slum lord? Inquiring minds and all that…

  8. So I’m now guessing that the former owners of Kaetlins hunted down the author(s) of these two blogs and ground them into the last batch of burgers they grilled.

  9. This link is particularly sad: http://www.kaelins.com/

  10. this blog is great

  11. Steve from Maine Says:

    Does the Raque family still own and run the restaurant? I was in the service with a Raque family member, and He spoke fondly and often about working there, various memories and humorous incidents etc…

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