Kentucky Birther Didn’t Get the Memo

In it’s-so-embarrassing-it’s-got-to-be-Kentucky news, the Courier-Journal is reporting that this guy (on the right, we think):

(Picture of Dr. Todd House and, apparently, his wife Suzanne, and your jet! from the very dubious site.)

thinks this guy:

(Picture of President Obama from

is, how you say? NO BUENO when it comes to his citizenship, and they’re suing to get Obama off the Presidential ballot in Kentucky:

A Louisville anesthesiologist has asked a Frankfort court to bar President Barack Obama from the November ballot.

Dr. Todd House — who is running for president as a write-in candidate with his wife, Suzanne Dudgeon House as his vice presidential candidate — filed the lawsuit Aug. 10 claiming that Obama is not a “natural born” citizen, which is required of presidential candidates by the U.S. Constitution.

Face, meet palm. But wait, it gets better!

In an interview Wednesday, Todd House, 52, said that he filed to run for president in part to give him standing to file the suit but also because he opposes both Republicans and Democrats and wanted to help get the Libertarian message out.

And he said he wanted to bring suit because the courts are “shirking the issue” by not addressing the merits of similar cases that have come before them. “Really, the judiciary and the Supreme Court needs to hash this out and decide it once and for all for the greater good of the country,” House said.

Read the rest of the article for some good ol’ anti-14th Amendment gobbledygook. And, if you’ve got the stomach for it, you can read a nifty little press release about Dr. House’s suit at a creepy web site called here: The site offers a Do It Yourself Obama Ballot Challenge Kit!

In case you were wondering, here’s where Dr. House practices (though technically his practice is separate from Calobrace Plastic Surgery Center):


8 Responses to “Kentucky Birther Didn’t Get the Memo”

  1. Eyes Open Now Says:

    The good doctor is sensible in noticing Obama’s proven forged birth certificate digital image, forged draft registration and documented use of at least 16 Social Security numbers not his own. Read the evidence, folks, it’s damning. You might even try studying that “creepy web site.”

  2. Deborah Harper Says:

    I talk to the receptionist at the plastic surgeon she had no idea about this nut. People will know now, he had better crawl back in his hole or he may not have gas money for his plane. Love the free market.

  3. Jeffery Mullins Says:

    This doctor is right though you have to be born in the United States period.Obama was not and he and his wife themselves gave it away,born in Kenya.Right out of the horses mouth.So the right Obama is not legally President right now and should be removed from the White House and should be removed from ballot.Some people have no backbone and can’t handle the truth.Watch these videos and learn the truth.

  4. President Obama has never claimed to be born anywhere other than Honolulu, Hawaii. Birther Reports/ORYR is crazy Birther blog that will run with any rumor or cut and paste video.

  5. Dr. House told a fib in his court filing:

    Birther lies in Kentucky court filing

    His lawsuit is also based on the Birther-invented theory that a natural born citizen must be the child of two US citizen parents. This theory was invented by Birther attorney Leo Donofrio in 2008 after it was apparent that candidate Obama had iron clad proof that he was born in Hawaii. The courts have rejected this nonsense theory multiple times but Birthers keep repeating it on blogs everywhere as if it were true.

    Dr. House used a template for his suit called the “Do it yourself ballot challenge kit” prepared by a Florida paralegal named Jerry Collette. Collette’s own case was tossed quickly in Pasco County Florida because it was ruled to be filed in the wrong jurisdiction.

  6. It has nothing at all to do with the 14th amendment, kiddo. Lear n something about presidential eligibility here:

  7. drconspiracy Says:

    The hearing in House v. Obama is this morning. We’ll see if there is any entertainment value to be found in the replay of a lawsuit scenario that’s been lost more times than I can readily count.

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