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Catching Up With Post-Thanksgiving News

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Last week was as slow as molasses, bringing a well-reserved respite to us few news junkies in the Louisville area, but only one day into this week brings a spate of local news, not all of it good. So forsaking the single-news post format, we bring you a run-down of what’s in the news today. Without further ado:

(bankruptcy chart from the Courier-Journal.)

Local Bankruptcies Have Risen Sharply (C-J) – Pull quote: “In the New Albany and Louisville divisions of federal bankruptcy court, there have been a combined 8,661 company and individual bankruptcies so far this year — an increase of 23 percent from a year earlier.”

TARC to Study Commuter Rail (C-J) – Pull quote: “The Transit Authority of River City plans to spend as much as $150,000 to hire a consultant and study the possibility of establishing commuter rail service between Louisville and points southwest of the city, including Fort Knox.” Nice follow-up from this story: Not that we’re holding our breath…

Australian Brett Dean Wins the Grawemeyer Award (C-J) – There’s a video clip of part of the first movement on the right panel of the C-J‘s online story.

Century-old Mazzoni’s Closes in Middletown (C-J) – What a shame. Frankly, we’re not surprised given the tough economy’s effect so far on local independent restaurants (ie., a bunch have closed), and the relative remoteness of the location. Restauranteurs and other retailers need to reinvest in closer-in parts of Louisville, in our opinion.

Obama Effigy-Hangers’ at UK Headed to Grand Jury (Bluegrass Beat blog, part of the Herald-Leader) – Indict ’em, Dan-o.

The Mayor Held a Press Conference This Morning, Everything’s Getting Cut (The ‘Ville Voice) – Ouch.

But Mayor Jerry, Why Aren’t The Books Open to the Public? (Louisville History and Issues) – We’d like to join the chorus of voices asking why Louisville Metro’s books aren’t on the record, for the public to peruse. To us, having the financial records of the city open to its citizens is a no-brainer. Democracy doesn’t work without transparency, Jerry.


Louisville Label Lets Loose Nimrod Workman

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A new Louisville-based record label called Twos & Fews (run by one of our favorite Louisville people, Mr. Nathan Salsburg) lets loose its first release today, an album of archival recordings of one Nimrod Workman. We’ll let Nate tell it in his own words:

That album is of the coal miner, union activist, and traditional singer Nimrod Workman, and is entitled “I Want to Go Where Things Are Beautiful.” It’s an hour of unaccompanied ballads, lyric songs, play party pieces, and religious singing, recorded in 1982 by Mike Seeger (Pete’s half-brother) when Nimrod was 87 years old. It gives Workman (who died at 99 in 1994) his first LP in thirty years, and his first ever CD solo release.

You might have seen Nimrod at the beginning of Barbara Kopple’s “Harlan County USA,” or in Alan Lomax’s American Patchwork films “Appalachian Journey” or “Dreams & Songs of the Noble Old.” Or, like most, you have never heard of him. Well… his ain’t party music, but you might find it rewarding, challenging, and beautiful. It’s been an honor and a privilege to put this record together, and if you can bear it in these trying times to do something so anachronistic as to shell out money for music, I’d be thrilled if you’d give Nimrod Workman a chance.

For more info:

You can listen to some of the songs available on I Want to Go Where Things Are Beautiful at the Twos & Fews myspace site, linked above. You can (and should!) purchase the album at all finer record stores as well as online.

RUDE WEIRDO and DRUNKDRIVER at Cahoot’s This Wednesday!

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This Wednesday, November 12th, we are promoting yet another fun night of wild and crazy music, this time at Cahoot’s, 1047 Bardstown Road. Louisville’s RUDE WEIRDO is teaming up with New York’s newcomers DRUNKDRIVER for some debauchery and good times. Here’s what we wrote about both in a press release:

Louisville’s RUDE WEIRDO are a return to classic, three-piece, three-chord punk. Consisting of Eric Ronay, Dave Bird and Tony Bailey, these veterans of “the scene, man” really throw it down. The first time I saw them (with an almost entirely different lineup, with the exception of bassplayer/singer Ronay), they covered Agent Orange. They’ve released a compact disc on Louisville Lip Records, and hopefully more good things are coming soon.

New York’s DRUNKDRIVER are yet another trio, this time with a singer (Michael Berdan), guitarist (Kristy Greene), and drummer (Jeremy Villalobos). They’ve been playing shows in the Northeast for about a year now, alongside and opening for the likes of Pink Reason, Pissed Jeans, Eat Skull, Psychedelic Horseshit, and many other socially maladjusted types. Parts Unknown Records of Tom’s River, NJ is releasing their first LP, Born Pregnant, any minute now. Oh and for those of you scoring at home, DRUNKDRIVER drummer Jeremy Villalobos used to be a member of the defunct Los Angeles hardcore band Wives — the two other members of Wives now operate as No Age (on Sub Pop Records). Villalobos is also in the NYC hardcore band Cutter, and he and Berdan also have a power electronics side project called Whip and the Body. You can read an amusing interview with DRUNKDRIVER here at the Agit Reader, based out of Columbus, Ohio:

The show starts at 10 PM, and costs $5. Additionally, it won’t conflict time-wise with the Grails/Sapat/Vampire Squid show at Skull Alley (1017 E. Broadway, 7 PM, $7), so if you can, you should go to that too!

UPDATE, 11/11: Here’s a flier for that Grails/Sapat/Vampire Squid show…

Tonight: Minnow and More at Skull Alley!

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One of our favorite Louisville bands, Minnow, is playing tonight at Skull Alley, 1017 E. Broadway, starting at 6:30 PM. Minnow is comprised of scene vets Doug Maxson (Your Food), Rob Pennington (Endpoint, By the Grace of God, more), Carrie Neumayer (Second Story Man), and Rebecca LIndsay. They’ve also got a new album out, Thirteen Wrongs, on the Noise Pollution label. We haven’t heard the three other bands playing (Empire! Empire!, Xerxes and How to Murder), but we’re sure they’re good. The show costs $5, and we’re pretty sure no effigies of any sort will be hanged.

Some Good Music, Tonight and Tomorrow

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We’re not big on hyping anything, especially if it’s something we’re actually doing, but tonight once again we are djing with the lovely and talented Miss Kim Sorise, one of Louisville’s best djs, at the Monkeywrench from 10 PM to 2 AM tonight, September the 25th. Come on out! There will be drink specials and it’s also three days before our birthday (that is, our actual birthday, not the blog’s birthday).

The Monkeywrench didn’t have power for most of last week, so please come on out and support an awesome local business that needs your help! And of course, the Monkeywrench is located at the corner of Winter and Barrett, in that fun little area between the Highlands and Germantown (that really doesn’t have a name).

Tomorrow night, at Lisa’s Oak Street Lounge on the corner of Oak & Swan in Germantown, Detroit rockers Tyvek play with Suspected Terrorists and Metal Bubbles. We saw Tyvek back when we lived in New York, and they’re great. They’ve got a new single out called “Sidewalk,” and wouldn’t you know, we’ve got some mp3s of it here for you to download. Suspected Terrorists are a great Louisville combo, and Metal Bubbles are a new band consisting of Tim Ruth (ex-Evergreeen), Dom (Dead Child, Phantom Family Halo, Sapat) and Kris A. and Alan from Sapat. Should be awesome. 10 PM, $3. Sorry, no flier.

Also Friday night, Second Story Man (subject of a nice little write-up in this week’s Velocity) is playing the Pour Haus with Yardsale and Sandpaper Dolls. We’re really excited about the latter, as it’s an all-female a capella trio including Suki Anderson of A.M. Sunday and Amber Estes of Liberation Prophecy. 9 PM, $5. If there’s a debate, we’re gonna watch part of it, DVR the rest, then head over to the show!

Joan Osborne Name-Checks the Endtables in the New York Times… and What We’ve Been Up To!

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(Above, the cover of the Endtables 7″, from the excellent Last Days of Man on Earth. And Joan Osborne, from the New York Times.)

We’ll be honest: we’ve never, ever liked the cloying, faux-soul sounds of Anchorage, Kentucky native Joan Osborne. Her 1995 hit “One of Us” — y’know, the song that posits the oh-so-ironic-but-not-really notion that God could be just like any ordinary shmoe — was quite possibly the nadir in a decade also notorious for such other one-hit unwonders such as the Spin Doctors and Ugly Kid Joe. Shudder.

So imagine our surprise this Sunday as we read the Arts & Leisure section in the New York Times, coming across this l’il tidbit:

[This] reminds me of a new wave, late ’70s-early ’80s sound that reminds me of being 16 years old and sneaking into the only club in Louisville, Ky., that had bands playing original music. There was a band called the End Tables [sic] that my high school friends and I followed. It reminds me of pogo dancing and getting slammed into by ruffian teenage boys on the dance floor.

Could this be? Did our little MOR darling Joan really get “slammed into” at an Endtables (spelled correctly) show? Did she witness Endtables singer Steve “Chili” Rigot in all his glory?

Hrm. Well, anything’s possible, and she would’ve been around 16 or 17 during the time the Endtables were active. We’re skeptical. But hey, all’s fair, so if you’ve got some great Joan Osborne-at-a-punk-show memories you’d like to share with us, by all means do so in the Comments section.

Oh and hey, we know it’s been ages since we last updated. Sorry about that. It’s been a really hectic (mostly in a good way) August. We went on a fantastic road trip vacation down to New Orleans (you can see a slideshow of pictures we took on our Flickr page), and we start a new job next week. Hopefully we’ll be back to regular updates here, but it’s too early to tell.

Music This Weekend, July 10-13

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Tonight, Thursday, July 10th at Derby City Espresso we’re proud to present an evening of experimental music with SheddingTusk LordCaboladiesHunted Creatures and Chris Niels. Shedding and Caboladies are from right here in the Bluegrass State, while Tusk Lord, Hunted Creatures and Chris Niels are visiting from Pennsylvania on a short, summer tour. Come on out, it’s sure to be a blast. Derby City Espresso is located at 331 E. Market Street (between Preston and Floyd), 8 pm, $5.

Also tonight at the Monkeywrench (at the corner of Barrett and Winter), DJ Kim Sorise will be spinning soul, funk, a little rock n’ roll, and all kinds of good-time party music, with no cover, starting at 10 pm.

Friday at Lisa’s Oak Street Lounge (on Oak Street, natch), Ladybirds, the Impossible Shapes and Anton Mink play at 10 pm, $5.

Friday night at the Pour Haus, Your Black Star, the Fervor and Birds and Batteries play at 9 pm, $7.

Saturday at the Brickhouse, hardcore bands Reign Supreme, Rattletooth, Blackbirds, Python and Everyman play, starting at 6 pm, $8. (Let X Down had to cancel.)

Saturday at Skull Alley (1017 E. Broadway), hardcore bands Nixon, Prideswallower, Human and Moutheater play at 6 pm, for $5

Sunday at Skull Alley, Foxy Shazam, Vampire Squid, Mountain Asleep and Frontier(s) play at 6 pm, and it’s FREE!

And all weekend long there’s that whole 7th annual Lebowski Fest thingy which we’re sure you know all about!